A Primer on the Arts

Artist painting religious imagery on a cobblestone street.
The arts rank among the enduring element of any culture. Much of what we know about ancient civilizations comes from the arts. Appreciation of the arts is a crucial element of a man’s intellectual side. 

Arts can generally be divided into three categories; literary arts, performing arts, and visual arts. Literary arts are anything composed exclusively of texts, like poetry and novels. Performing arts require the artist(s) to be present, physically or in a recording or broadcast, and is broken into three sub-categories; music, dance, and drama. Visual arts are art forms that must be seen to be fully appreciated but can’t reasonably by considered literary or performing arts. 

Literary Arts

The most popular form of literary art is the novel. Screenplays, the first phase of filmmaking, are also a form of literary art. Poetry is the most expressive form of literary art but, unfortunately, men of the last few decades have largely rejected it as effeminate. 

Performing Arts

Performing arts are the most popular artistic category. Television, movies, and music are all performing arts. Also, it’s so common for one artist to a talented musician, dancer, and actor that there’s a name for them, triple threat. Although you’ll likely never master the craft, you can probably become a competent actor, musician, or dancer with just a little bit of training and practice. 

Visual Arts

This is what most people think of when they think of art. Painting, sculpture, and photography are all forms of visual art. It can range anywhere from complete realism, like landscapes and street photography, to abstract painting and sculpture that bears no resemblance to any physical reality. 

Appreciating the Arts

The first step towards appreciating the arts is to educate yourself. A plethora of books have been written on the subject and every reputable university offers classes on art history but the best option is to explore the arts for yourself. Visit a public library, go to you local jazz club, watch classic movies, or visit an art museum. As you explore you’ll discover your own tastes and continuously learn more.

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