Finding Your Personal Motto

Armourial bearing with the text

My personal motto; “for honour and God.”

Something few people ever consider is the idea of a personal motto. It can act as a reminder of what’s important to you and set you apart from all the guys drifting directionless through life. So, I’m going to help you come up with your very own. 

You need to have a good understanding of your own values before you can create a personal motto. This may take some extensive introspection, so don’t expect it to be quick.

Once you understand your values, you need to reduce them to a single phrase. It should be short and poetic. It’s easiest to summarize your values if you can find words that describe the overarching concepts. That’s why I chose to include “honour” and “God” in my own motto. 

Once you have a motto, you should consider translating it into a different language. It’s just to make it sound cooler, but that is part of the point. Latin has the richest legacy of such uses, but any language other than your own will work. You want to avoid languages that people you know speak. Most importantly, it has to sound good, like Latin’s air of intellectualism. 

Once you have your motto drafted and translated, you have to use it. Anywhere a business would use their motto, you can use yours. 



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