Developing Your Male Space 

A study decorated with antique furniture.
If you compare the world today to the world of sixty years ago, you’ll notice that most male spaces have disappeared. It used to be that men need only go to work or the club and the female influence instantly vanished, but that’s no longer the case. Women are now present in every profession and the gentlemen’s club has vanished from nearly every community. The only way most men can even have access to a male space is to intentionally create one. 

In order to have a quality space you’ll need to put a lot of thought into it. Otherwise you’ll likely just end up with a poorly decorated room you never use.

Defining Its Purpose

The first thing you want to consider is how you want to use your male space. This one’s up to you. Choose anything you’d want to do alone or with your male friends. It can be a private sports bar, billiard room, or home theatre but I think the best is a study or library. Just make sure it’s either something you can have two of or that your wife and kids won’t want to use.

Choosing Your Space

For obvious reasons, you can’t have a male space without a space. It needs to be somewhere you can go pretty much any time you want and shut yourself in. After that you just need to make sure it’s suited to how you intend to use it.


As tempting as it may be, don’t ask your wife for decorating help. If you allow female sensibilities to influence the decor, creating a male space becomes impossible. Once again, the most important factor is how you intend to use it. If it’s going to be your woodworking shop, then use purely utilitarian decor. If you’re making a study, decorate it with antique furniture and prints of classic paintings. If you want a sports bar, use your favourite team’s colours and posters of your favourite players. Even all these are just suggestions, decorate your space in any manner that suits your tastes and plans.

Use It

No matter how well you plan your male space, it’s just a waste if you don’t use it. You’ll also want to keep it clean and comfortable so it doesn’t turn into something resembling the stereotypical disgusting frat house.

Keep the Wife and Kids Out

How welcome women and children are as guests is up to you, but it needs to remain a place where men reign supreme. Even if you do choose to have women and children as guests, you’ll want to make it the exception rather than the rule.

My Intended Male Spaces

I don’t have any male space better than my car yet, but I have some planned. Hopefully, these will give you some inspiration.


My study will be decorated with antique furniture, a crossed rapier and sabre, and what is essentially a museum of my life. The core elements will be an antique writing desk, a pair of leather lounge chairs with a table in between, a gun safe, a fireplace, and flags around the room.


This will be a relatively large building with all my tools and supplies for the various projects I hope to undertake.

Hobby Room

This will be the space I’ll use for the hobbies I hope to take on that don’t need the workshop. It’ll have a Lego table, model railway layout, workbench, and all the equipment and supplies needed to make beer, wine, and soda pop. It’ll also be decorated with artifacts and prints related to those hobbies, and a map of the model railway layout. 

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