Finding Your Easter Traditions

Today is Good Friday so there’s no better time to talk about Easter traditions. I’m a very strong proponent of traditions, be they old or new. If you’re a father there’s no better way to build a family identity and pass on your legacy to future generations. I’ve come up with a few ideas to spark your imagination and find your Easter traditions. 

Attend Services

Since Easter was born out of Christian teachings, its religious observances certainly deserve consideration. Most churches hold at least two services over the Easter weekend, my church has three and I usually attend them all. 

Look at Wildflowers

I know, this one doesn’t spin all that manly but want your traditions to include the fairer sex members of your family as well. Easter is about new life and rebirth and the wildflower is the perfect symbol of this, going from nonexistence or looking like death itself to some of the most beautiful things in nature. Not to mention, it takes you into the ruggedness of nature. 

Local Easter Event

If your community has the same event every Easter it would be worth considering making it an Easter tradition. The men of my family attend the Draggins Rod & Custom Car Show every Easter weekend. It’s good male bonding and all the proceeds go to charity. 

Easter Basket

This one’s more for the little ones but everyone can have some fun with it. Fill some baskets or other containers with candy and some decorative filler and give them to the kids. If you want it to be more fun, hide them and make a game out of looking for them. 

Egg Dying

If you want something more artistic, egg dying is the way to go. You can do some pretty elaborate dying or just keep it simple. 

Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re wondering what to do with those dyed eggs, here’s an option. Hide them around your home and make a game out of the kids looking for them. If you’d prefer you can use plastic eggs and fill them with candy for even more fun. 

Local Traditions

If you live in a culture with some more unconventional Easter traditions you should consider indulging in them, or even traditions from your own heritage. After all, what’s the point of traditions if they don’t carry on a legacy?

There you have it, Easter tradition ideas. If you have tradition ideas of your own, then join in down in the comments. 

Just for fun, a bunny I saw outside while I was writing this.


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