Why Every Man Needs to be a Sportsman

Sports have been a part of men’s lives since antiquity. The games may have changed but little else has. In our more intellectual time men’s interest in sports has become passive, yet obsessive, but sports should be more to men than that. 

Sports Are Good for Your Health

5 out of 5 doctors agree, exercise is beneficial for otherwise healthy people. So unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you should get out and move. Sports are a great way to do that because they have other benefits and give you a more measurable goal than simply health. 

Sports Are Social

Most sports can’t be played without other people around, be they teammates or opponents. Even sports like golf, which you can play alone, have their social traditions. Even better, they create a common interest, a starting point for friendship or a way to end an awkward silence. 

Sports Are Manly

I know it’s a bit tautological to mention manliness, but in our excessively feminine society we need to seek out every bastion of manliness we can. Sports are the epitome of manliness. They’re all about competition and strength, trying to outwit and outmuscle your opponents. 

Sports Are Fun

We all remember playing street hockey, pickup basketball, or whatever when we were boys. That’s what casual sports are supposed to be like. You have fun and make friends, and maybe your wives can be friends too. As long as nobody takes it too seriously sports tend to be fun. 

How to Become a Sportsman 

Here’s the easy part. All you have to do is find your sport. Get out and try some, if you like it it’s your sport, and there’s no reason you can’t have more than one. Just don’t expect to be great right out of the gate, that’s what practice is for. Now get your gym bag and try some sports. 


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