Should We Drop Social Media to Move Over to Personal Blogs?

Not too long ago I wrote an article about how we’re isolated by our modern communication. Today, I’m going to talk about a possible way to be more connected within the internet world, using personal blogs in place of most of social media. 

What Do I Mean By “Personal Blogs?”

Before I can discuss personal blogs I have to define them. I don’t mean a blog with one but rather a blog about the author, a running autobiography if you will. A personal blog is populated with news about the author’s life and their musings on life, published for no reason but to be of interest to others. It does not intend to teach or promote an ideology. This is not a personal blog, although I do have one.

The Audience

Social media usually has a huge and varied audience. It’s almost impossible to write for them because they’re all looking for something different. The only thing they all have in common is they prefer the superficial over the meaningful. 

Blogs, on the other hand, will typically have smaller more interested audiences. If someone goes to the trouble of following your blog, they probably have a genuine interest in your life. They’re most likely looking for the more serious news about your life. In all likelihood, only your inner circle will ever read your personal blog.

The Publishers

When you login to Facebook or twitter the first thing you see is a bloated newsfeed, full of trivialities of no real significance. You likely follow dozens, hundreds, or even thousands, and few of them are posting anything important. So you end up wading through a sea of nonsense to find something you care about or going to their profiles, which are essentially superficial blogs. 

The very nature of blogs means you’ll only follow the ones you care about. You won’t follow the blog of someone you barely spoke to in high school, and not once since. 

The Message

Social media pushes us towards brief messages. Posts tend to be a few lines of text or maybe a couple of images or a short video. It doesn’t really give you the chance to discuss anything in depth. 

Blogs are equally suited to long and short posts. You can write posts that are only one sentence or a hundred thousand words. If you only want to be superficial that’s fine, but you can also describe every detail of an event in your life or rant about whatever you feel passionate about. 


Social media and blogs both have their place. Social media is great for keeping up with your outer circle, you only want superficial news from them anyway. A blog is better for sharing news with your inner circle, since it’s all about thorough posts and devoted followers. 

If you’re ready to start your own personal blog, WordPress and Blogger are two excellent free options, or you can look for a lesser known option that’s better suited to your need or even get one custom made.


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