Grow Up: You’re Not Twelve Anymore 

Maturity seems to be something the modern male resists, not that modern women exactly fight for it. It’s like every generation since the fall of the Third Reich has been waging war on maturation. Up to that point men accepted maturity. They embraced the life changes that went with it. They knew that a mature life is far more pleasant than childishness. 

When you’re twelve years old your life is fun but shallow. Your biggest worry is that the cute girl you like won’t want to go to the dance with you. I suppose that’s why people don’t want to grow up. Life is easy when you’re young, but when you try to prevent your own maturation you only block the benefits. You can never escape the responsibilities indefinitely. What you end up with is the worst of both worlds, the emptiness of youth and the hardship of adulthood.

This problem hit me a few weeks ago when I realised that many people now dress down for church. It used to be the expectation that every man wear a suit and tie to church. I can understand how one can argue that eliminating that expectation was good, but things have gone too far. Wearing street clothes to church has become common and many don’t even rise beyond casual for Easter. Part of maturity is knowing how to be respectful and part of being respectful is knowing when to dress up. 

Being a kid was fun, and if you still are one enjoy it while you can (and please stay away from my more mature topics) but it’s a time we can never go back to. It’s time we give up childish ways. It’s time to replace chaotic amusement with stimulation of the mind. It’s time to build relationships and enjoy the beauty that’s all around us. If you’re mature enough to handle debauchery, you’re too mature to want it. The greatest thing a guy can be is a man and the greatest thing a woman can be is a lady, but they both require maturity. Let’s end the downward spiral and finally embrace maturity. Maybe someday we’ll achieve a first in all history, universal maturity among adults. 


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