Food: One of the Greatest Joys of a Man’s Life

Illustration of a man joining his wife at the breakfast table. You may have noticed that I have a tendency to write about food and drink. This may seem like an obsession or the result of gluttony, but it’s not. The truth is I see food the way most men should; one of the great joys of life, and here’s why. 

Food Ties Us Together

Across cultures, nations, religions, genders, ideologies, and every other distinction, one thing we all have in common is the need for food. We all eat. Some of us eat too much and others don’t eat enough. Some of us subsist on meat and others eat none. No matter where you come from or what kind of life you live you still need to eat frequently. Food lets us experience other cultures. It brings us together and stimulates discussion.

Food is Expression

When you cook , you have the opportunity to explore your own tastes. When you serve a meal, you have the opportunity to create beauty in the mundane. When you feed those most dear to you, you’re expressing your love for them. Food allows us to step into the world of profane sensuality without taking our eyes off the divine. 

Now it’s time to enjoy the wonder that is food, and maybe get some cool food delivery equipment


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