Is the Modern Honour Code a Villains’ Code?

Josef Stalin, one of history’s most brutal dictators.

When you look at the world and see how so many seem to be rewriting morality to justify their own wrongdoing you likely wonder what happened to honour. I propose that honour is as strong as ever but the currently prevailing honour code doesn’t enforce virtue but rather encourages villainy.

What is an Honour Code?

Obviously, I need to be clear on what I mean by “honour code” and that first requires me to define honour. So, what is honour? Honour is a system of enforcing behaviour by praising those who do right and shaming those who do wrong. An honour code is the often unspoken rules that an honour system is trying to enforce. Any rules can be included in an honour code, even requiring evil, but most have been based around genuine virtue.

The Liberty Movement

I’ve talked about the liberty movement before, and it can be summarised as our transition to a worldview where personal freedom is seen as the ultimate right. The same people who criticise those who call out wrongdoers criticise those who choose to follow tradition. Apparently they support the right to deviate, not the right to choose.

Tolerance as a Virtue

Tolerance is a good idea but it becomes a problem when it’s elevated to a virtue. First off, tolerance can easily be taken too far. At some point we have to say “who you are or what you do is wrong, so you don’t deserve to be treated like us.” We just need to make sure we reserve that for the evil and legitimately mentally ill.

Second, those who see themselves as tolerant are usually among the least tolerant. They have no tolerance for difference of opinion. If you disagree with them they label you with what they consider to be the greatest evil imaginable, intolerance. What’s really crazy is that they call it tolerance to force certain beliefs on people but intolerant to even exercise others.

Slut Shaming

Here’s an example of tolerance gone too far. What is slut shaming? It’s making someone feel bad for being a slut. What’s a slut? She’s  a woman who’s promiscuous. What’s promiscuity? It’s excessive sexual activity. Wouldn’t that make slut shaming admirable? Yes it would, but instead a term was invented so they could call it a crime, because it’s wrong to call out someone on their wrongdoings. Oh look, more hypocrisy. Someone seems to be trying to remove all the consequences of sexual irresponsibility, even though that could make healthy sexuality impossible.

Wage Slavery

If you’ve never heard the term, wage slavery is when an exploitative labour relationship is enforced by the threat of poverty, not unlike the threat of violence that enforced historical slavery. Wage slavery is the norm in the developed world and most people have been brainwashed to believe it’s fair. How could it be? The majority are forced to structure their entire lives around the wishes of a minority, regardless of the sacrifices that requires. On top of that, we’re forced to jump through hoops for the privilege. Whenever someone speaks out against it, their labelled as lazy and told it’s “an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.” Really, we should live a little more by the Marxist slogan;

From each according to his means, to each according to his needs.

Although, that can very easily be taken too far as well.

Opposition to Chivalry

Chivalry developed from the honour codes of medieval knights and encouraged them to keep the best interests of everyone at heart. The elements of those honour codes that have remained relevant have become modern chivalry.

Some “feminists” now claim that chivalry is sexist. Apparently women deserve to be treated badly, or maybe they’re just bitter and want every woman to feel as worthless as they do.


So do these elements make the prevalent modern honour code a villain’s code? Let’s review;

  • Freedom as the ultimate right? Villainous
  • Tolerance as a virtue? Villainous
  • Slut shaming seen as wrongdoing? Villainous
  • Wage slavery? Villainous
  • Opposition to chivalry? Villainous

Since every honour code has positive elements in it, the presence of villainous standards makes the whole code villainous. So, reject the prevailing honour code in favour of a more traditionalist code, and be sure to find an honour group that shares it.


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