Why a Man Can’t Be a “Feminist”

If you’ll recall, when I started this blog I defined a man, but I didn’t really discuss his position on women’s rights. He does support it, but not feminism, because modern feminism couldn’t be further from women’s rights.

Feminists Don’t Argue Logically

They have a tendency to resort to logical fallacies like straw man arguments. I’ve actually heard of feminists claiming chivalry is sexist because a chivalrous man would open a door for a woman though he’s going a different way and not open a door for a man, when in reality he’d open the door for either when, and only when, he’s going through as well. The only exceptions are when special etiquette applies, such as when he’s on a date.

In fact, feminists’ arguments are all predicated on their ideology being true, including patriarchy being inherently oppressive and responsible for all violence perpetrated by males against females.

Feminists Are Misogynists

The feminist ideal is really to turn all women into men, which is the epitome of misogyny. Just take their fashion standards. They encourage women to wear jeans and shorts in place of skirts,and pant suits, which should never be worn. They seem to think women shouldn’t even look like women.

Feminists Endorse Unhealthy Gender Dynamics

Without established gender roles couples inevitably struggle to establish the power dynamic of their relationship. The problem is, you can’t have a democracy of two. If you can’t come to unanimous decision you find yourself in a stalemate. That means someone must be in charge. If you don’t establish a leader in advance then whoever cries the loudest or is more Machiavellian ends up in charge. The feminist idea of universal gender equality tries to force democracy in a situation where it can never work.

Feminists Deny the Relationship Between Rights and Responsibilities

All rights come with some form of responsibilities. The right to vote comes with the responsibility to educate oneself. The right to police protection comes with the responsibility to follow the law. The right to romantic love comes with the responsibility to love one’s significant other. The right to be a mother comes with the responsibility to be a mom. Feminists seem to think they have the right to get married and have kids and then emasculate their husbands and ignore their kids.

Feminists Oppose Choice

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard of women hating feminism because it’s been responsible for being a housewife becoming a luxury. Feminists only fight for women to be able to live a man’s life, not to be able to choose the life they want.

Feminism Causes Collateral Damage

I won’t try to list all the indirect harm feminism has done but it’s been blamed for everything from rising unemployment and falling standards of living to pollution and rising crime rates. Feminism clearly does more harm than good when you consider all its indirect effects.

Feminism Has Fixed Nothing

None of the changes feminism has brought about have solved any of the world’s problems. Women had a political voice before they could vote, they used to have better options, and they used to have respect. Female feminists tend to play the victim for their own selfish gain, and no man can support that. It’s debatable whether or not any of the problems feminism supposedly addressed ever existed, and if they even would’ve been problems.

Feminists Don’t Understand Consent

Feminists seem to think that every time a woman has sex without explicitly saying yes, she’s been raped. That’s not how consent works. Consent is about deviation from the assumed. Whether it’s an established norm or the natural result of what’s currently happening, consent is required to do otherwise. Rape only occurs when she has the right to say no, which is pretty much always, and is denied the opportunity to or is ignored when she does.

Feminists Oppose Morality

Feminists were central to the sexual revolution, and the main thing that came out of that is promiscuity. Sexual irresponsibility became acceptable and now STDs and unplanned pregnancy are rampant. It’s even to the point that people are encouraging children to get vaccinated against them, children who are still too young to even be considering sex. Parents are actually being encouraged to assume their children will be sluts.

Feminism Creates Animosity

There’s no escaping the fact that feminists hate men. They even call manliness “toxic masculinity” and encourage us to be more feminine. They try to convince us that we should feel guilty because we’re justly treated differently because they don’t want to be. Virtually everything they say is about how evil men are and we hate them for it. Everyone who doesn’t agree with them hates them because you can’t love someone who insists on forcing their ideas on you without even putting a moment’s thought into them. Although, we might be more tolerant of them if they didn’t brand their opponents as “sexist,” “misogynistic,” or “chauvinistic” even when they have the utmost respect for women.

Feminists are Hypocrites

Virtually everything they claim to be sexist when it benefits men, they applaud when it benefits women. They say it’s wonderful when a woman’s gender is mentioned in a positive comment and sexist when it’s negative, even when they’re completely objective. They demonise men for refusing a romantic relationship with a physically unattractive woman but see it as a woman’s right to reject a poor man. They nearly always expect women to get their way while men have to fall in line, with the feminist agenda. The only time they don’t fight for women to get preferential treatment is when they don’t want to follow the feminist dogma.

Equal Rights Are Not Same Rights

Equal rights is the belief that different groups equally deserve rights, same rights is the belief that they deserve the same rights. Equal rights is obviously valid, but same rights for women has no support. Men and women are different in some very significant ways, including physiology and personality, which means different rights.

Feminists seem to believe that rights only exist if feminists want them. They don’t even acknowledge that men should have different rights and most women want different rights. Feminists want everything positive men have, even if they have to take everything away from everyone else.

Feminists Think Sexism Works Like Racism

There are two important differences between race and gender relations; races have fewer differences than genders do, and races don’t need to coexist. I’m by no means opposing the peaceful coexistence of races but no harm would come of it if we didn’t try. The sexes, on the other hand, must coexist. If we don’t, the human race will be extinct within a little more than a century. Coexistence means cooperation, cooperation mean finding our places, finding our places means roles, and roles mean different treatment. The different treatment that feminists brand as “sexism” isn’t in any way. In fact, actual sexism, that is discrimination on the basis of disdain for one sex, has been the almost exclusive domain of feminists and those that seek to avoid angering them.


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